Colour Range

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Signature Colour Range

Harnessing the Power of Colour Psychology- The Signature Colour Range is innovated to create a powerful visual in the washroom, while optimising hygiene standards. 

Did you know? Colour choice can influence mood, behavior, reflect brand personality, and even help to improve hygiene standards. The 7 colours in this range complement interior designs, match decor and aesthetically enhance today's modern washroom designs, becoming a lifestyle space. 

People make initial judgement in less than 90 seconds, with decisions influenced by colours. Signature Colour Range is able to achieve key experience attributes for your brand and image with elegance, sophistication, refinement and luxury.

High end style and performance

Committed in delivering quality and efficacy assurance

  • Research and development, undergo stringent tests to ensure paint quality and durability
  • Tested with bleach and chemical cleaning, scratch resistant with support of paint specialist 
  • Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties 
  • Optimal hygiene protection

Why the need to enhance your washroom space?

  • Social and viral marketing influences brand manage 
  • Consumer expectations and demands are rising 
  • Service scape is evolving in service/hospitality business 
  • A need to stay ahead of competition 
  • Personalise marketing demands are increasing 
  • Aesthetics and décor forms a part of washroom design

Explore the 7 stunning colours

Images are for illustration purposes, you may contact our specialist for more details or information.

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Black - Portrays an impression of strength and sophistication


Blue - Trust and purity, stimulating efficiency and productivity


Champagne - Exudes refinement, denoting luxury and elegance


Green - Reassuring abundance of refreshment and harmony


Pink - Soft and warm nurturing instinct, expressing caring wellbeing


Red - Stimulating and energetic, provoking a lively enthusiasm


Turquoise - Reminiscent of the ocean, an inspiring and fresh innovation

Colour Psychology

Discover the power of colour pschology, the new innovative way to spruce up washrooms