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The sense of smell is amongst the 5 senses that is highly dependent and influenced by experience. For some service and products, look and feel could help influence judgement and decision. We design sampling trial and site assessment to help facilitate your options.

Complimentary Scenting Trial

Initial Odour Solution

Very often, odour is a challenging problem to resolve and users tend to attempt musking the odour through DIY means, such as fragrance diffuser or spray. Besides not resolving the odour challenge, it actually worsen the problem despite investing in various means to address the issue. Initial Odour Solution is designed specially to eliminate stubborn and persistent odour problem, particularly at challenging sites such as garbage or refuse centre.

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Structured Hygiene Survey

Ever wondered what do bacteria and germs look like? You can now identify bacteria hotspots in your washroom today with Initial Hygiene Consultants. 

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